Design Win

Evaluation kit for the B-UWB-MOD1 ultra-wideband module




The B-UWB-MEK1 module evaluation kit is designed to test advanced positioning and tracking technology in real conditions, or to be directly embedded into a ready-to-use indoor location system.

B-UWB-MEK1 includes Evaluation boards equipped with the STM32-based B-UWB-MOD1 UWB module used as fixed or as mobile devices. Use from four up to sixty boards to prototype a location system.

B-UWB-MEK1 represents an affordable and user-friendly solution for 1D measurement as well as 3D positioning. Experiment further with B-UWB-MEK1 to address indoor real‑time locating systems (RTLS) for large amounts, such as multi-tag tracking and GPS‑like positioning.

Deploy B-UWB-MEK1-based indoor location in such applications as warehouse automation, automated guided vehicle (AGV), drone control, robot positioning, or in-factory navigation.

  • 特徴

    • Module evaluation kit for the B-UWB-MOD1 ultra-wideband (UWB) module
    • Prototyping, evaluation and demonstration of indoor location systems
    • From 4 to 60 boards per location system
    • Range up to 600 m in LoS (line of sight)
    • Precision down to 10 cm
    • Measurement rate: adjustable, up to 250 per second
    • 105 × 75 × 98 mm (PCB and antenna)
    • Data acquisition: UART on USB
    • Power supply: USB or external battery connection (5 V / 200 mA)