STM32 ODE Connect SW

The STM32 ODE “Connect Line” of Cube Expansion Software components (X-CUBEs) “plug” on top of STM32Cube to deliver a high-level and easy to use API that enables access to the essential “connectivity” functionality provided by the related STM32 Nucleo expansion board.

STM32 ODE Ecosystem the

The X-CUBE SW provides APIs and sample applications to initialise and use the functionalities, and understand how to use these APIs in a typical application use case.

The X-CUBE SW packages come with pre-compiled binaries and pre-defined projects ready to be used with a wide range of development environments ( IAR EWARM, Keil MDK or GCC-based IDEs) for selected NUCLEO boards. The code is easily portable on the other NUCLEO boards, and to integrate with other X-CUBE packages.