ST offers a wide range of low and medium power LDO regulators featuring ultra-low dropout and fast transient response characteristics. The ultra-low dropout series of LDOs simplifies the design of high-efficiency, cost-effective linear power management (from 50 mA to 3 A of continuous load current), ideal for DSPs, MCUs and FPGAs.

New LDOs with best cost/performance ratio

The new LDK120 and LDK130 ultra low dropout voltage regulators provide 200 mA and 300 mA of maximum current. The input supply range is 1.9V to 5.5V with a dropout voltage of 100 mV, in shutdown the quiescent current is as low as 1µA. Compatible with a 1 µF ceramic output capacitor, and available in packages as small as 1.2 x 1.3 mm, the devices allow to optimize the space cost and power consumption of your applications.  

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