The 650 V IGBT HB series is based on trench field-stop (TFS) technology and is optimized for applications working at a switching frequency between 16 and 60 kHz.

These high-speed 650 V IGBTs combine a very low saturation voltage (1.6 V typ.) with a minimal collector current turn-off tail and a maximum operating temperature of 175 °C, boosting the energy efficiency of applications such as welders, PFC converters, UPS and solar inverters.

The HB series also includes IGBTs with low-drop freewheeling diodes for soft switching applications.

With a current rating from 20 to 80 A, they are available in a wide offer of power packages (D2PAK, TO-220, TO-3P, TO-3PF, TO-247, TO-247 LL, and TO-247 4L).

Main characteristics:

  • High-speed IGBTs
  • High robustness and reliability thanks to 650 V breakdown voltage and extended maximum operating TJ of 175 °C
  • Very low VCE(sat) (down to 1.6 V typ.)
  • Positive VCE(sat) temperature coefficient for safe paralleling of multiple IGBTs
  • Co-packaged diode optimized for resonant or hard-switching circuits

IGBT HB series

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