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Dual port USB Type-C Power Delivery adapter development solution


Multiport USB Type-C™ adapters represent popular and versatile charging solutions. While conversion efficiency is an important factor, there are real market opportunities for comptetitive advantage through smart and dynamic power negotiation with connected sink devices.

ST proposes this dual port adapter solution consisting of a power stage featuring the STPD01 programmable buck converter and a digital stage based on the STM32G071 microcontroller with embedded UCPD peripheral for USB Type-C Power Delivery management. 

The power stage input block manages the input power to supply all other devices, including the MCU through the L7983 synchronous step-down switching regulator. Two USBPD power blocks based on STPD01 programmable buck converters manage, redirect and convert the input supply. The power stage is completed with Type-C connector blocks integrating TCPP02-M18 USB Type-C port protection for source applications.

The digital stage with STM32G071 MCU manages the STPD01 converters and TCPP02-M18 protections through high-speed I²C communication interfaces.

The solution features two software IPs (Power Sharing and Power Monitor modules) that allow the microcontroller to dynamically share and optimize the input power budget through the two ports. The Power Sharing module allows setting the input power rating to enable negotiable PDOs for the fixed rating for each port. It permits the microcontroller to manage the two STPD01 DC-DC converters associated with each USB Type-C port and dynamically vary the available output according to the power negotiated.

  • 搭載製品の特徴

    STPD01 - Programmable synchronous buck converter

    Programmable synchronous buck converter aimed to supply USB power delivery applications. The device provides those voltages and power profiles required by USB power delivery systems as stated in USB PD 3.0 spec up to 60 W output power (20 V, 3 A). The different levels of output voltage and current limitation can be set dynamically through I2C interface.

    STM32G071RB - High-performance Microcontroller 

    The STM32G071x8/xB mainstream microcontrollers are based on high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M0+ 32-bit RISC core operating at up to 64 MHz frequency. Offering a high level of integration, they are suitable for a wide range of applications in consumer, industrial and appliance domains. The devices provide a fully integrated USB Type-C Power Delivery controller.

    TCPP02-M18 - USB Type-C Port Protection

    The TCPP02-M18 is a MCU companion chip enabling cost-effective USB-C source solution. It provides protections and functionalities to safely comply with the USB-C specification.

  • All Features

    • Two USB Type-C and Power Delivery Source ports
    • Controlled dynamic power sharing between connected devices
    • Compliant with USB Type-C 2.1 and PD 3.1 specifications
    • STSW-2STP01 software package, with demo application example
    • Stacked solution