STMicroelectronics, a leading supplier of digital CMOS technologies, is bringing differentiation by developing advanced deep-nanometer radiation hardened technologies dedicated for the Space, Aerospace and High-Rel & Defense markets.

The new European ST 65nm SPACE ASIC platform is now available to external customers. The library has been tested for GEO orbit performance (ESCC2269000 specification) and 20years life time compliance through 50+ ST patented rad-hard IPs and 10 qualification circuits.

The technology, that comes with a Full Design Environment and a set of analog and digital IPs, has been ESCC evaluated and selected by ESA for future space telecom applications with ongoing programs ramping-up in 2015. Additional IP’s (PLL, 6GBit/s SERDES, Thermal Sensors,…) will be tested  under radiation in Q1 2015.

ST has been the very first Semiconductor supplier qualified by ESA in 1977 and the only supplier in the world awarded with QMLV-RHA, JAN S-RHA & ESCC certifications.

ST is providing full Space supply chain for ASIC devices (digital back end design support, manufacturing, test & Space qualification) and works with selected assembly/packaging partners.

ST is proposing it’s C65SPACE ASIC platform offer either directly to end customers and/or via partners.