Complaint Management



In ST, we are committed to respond to complaints quickly and effectively in order to protect our customers and fully resolve the root causes of a problem. Our final goal is to reduce the total cycle time for resolving a customer complaint to 14 days.

When a customer contacts ST with a complaint, we collect a detailed description of the problem and the conditions of occurrence as well as material evidence and traceability information. We use this information to identify the origin of the parts and investigate any possible incidents. Failure symptoms are also checked for possible recurrences regarding either the commercial part or the customer.

Immediate containment actions are taken to minimize the impact on our customers, such as segregating impacted lots and inventories or rescreening parts, and a thorough analysis of the problem is performed.

Analysis laboratories are strategically placed around the globe to assist in the resolution of customer complaints. They are compliant with the ISO/IEC 17025 international standard.

Confirmed problems are resolved using 8D Team Problem Solving methodology for each defect. This methodology allows us to accurately identify the root causes of a problem and take steps to keep it from happening again.

Customer information

Customers are informed about the progress of the complaint resolution through appropriate communications, such as

  • Acknowledgement of receipt
  • Interim reports with immediate containment actions and test results
  • Complaint reports with 8D analysis results.

The customer complaint is normally concluded upon acceptance of the final report by the cus­tomer or 14 calendar days after the final report is sent if there is no customer feedback (unless otherwise stated in agreed specific customer requirements). The internal activities continue until the full closure of the 8D.

Complaint resolution may integrate specific customer requirements, when agreed upon by ST, such as methodologies, cycle time, reports, information or assessments.