Innovation and R&D

Innovation and R&D

What our customers expect

  • Innovative products which pave their way to open new markets
  • Solutions which help them to be competitive and to innovate
  • Time-to-market solutions
  • A partnership approach to new product development

Our answer

While innovation and R&D are essential to all semiconductor companies, ST's unswerving commitment in this area has been a key success factor for the company. Innovation in semiconductor technology as well as in hardware and software contribute to making successful products that create value for ST and its customers.

  • ST offers a large portfolio of industry-leading technologies enabling product innovation. Upstream, the company's goal is to develop advanced technologies that support the long term system evolution: lower energy consumption, higher speed, mixed technologies (system on chip), new functionalities, higher integration, improved form factor on a smaller chip, higher reliability and smaller ecological footprint. "Moore" and "more than Moore" are the two laws to lead the race.
  • Thanks to a wide range of advanced technologies, ST develops innovative solutions focusing on Sense & Power and Automotive and Embedded Processing Solutions in partnership with leading customers in each Industry domain. ST's complete design platforms, including a large selection of IPs and silicon-proven models and design rules, enable the fast development of products which meet customer expectations in term of reliability, quality, competitiveness in price and time-to-market, both for ASICs and for commodities. ST contributes to making its customers’ products more efficient, more appealing, more reliable and safer.
  • Attention to customer expectations and to societal trends makes ST agile in order to anticipate breakthrough in technology and product innovation and to provide visibility through long-term roadmaps.
  • Providing outstanding technical support to our customers is a key to help them meet their objectives in terms of time-to-market, solution robustness and R&D efficiency.