Supply Chain

Supply Chain

What our customers expect

  • The right product, at the right place, and at the right time
  • Continuous improvement in our processes to reduce our delivery cycle time
  • Flexibility in adapting to their customer supply-chain models
  • Efficient capacity planning to meet their demand
  • Early warning in case of supply-chain bottlenecks and full transparency while working to solve them




Our answer

  • ST has implemented a series of supply-chain business models adapted to the large variety of customer expectations in terms of industry domains, geography (globalized and regional accounts) and channels (OEM, sub-contractors, distributors).
  • ST business models rely on advanced planning systems and tools to manage customer demand, backlog scheduling and manufacturing capacity over a broad range of technologies and products.
  • ST has the capability to handle the whole product realization in-house from conception to production keeping the full control of operations, offering strategic independence to its customers. ST has developed outsourcing partnerships to offer flexibility, to mitigate market variations or to respond to specific demands.
  • The ST Supply Chain organization and the company Central Planning drive the planning performance of the company to fulfill customer supply-chain requirements while optimizing asset utilization.
  • ST supply chain and customer service teams are located in our sales offices in order to closely manage customer demand and to interact directly with the customer.