Multi-channel power management IC





Infotainment and telematics systems are integrating more functions in small areas, consequently complex processors and surrounding components are increasing their demand on power rails and current absorption. That’s why it’s very important to have efficient and fully integrated voltage regulators able to manage multiple outputs, reducing component counts, and embedding diagnostics.

L5963 embeds, in a single package, 2 DC-DC converters with integrated power switches, 1 linear regulator and 1 high-side driver. DC-DC switching frequency can be synchronized to an external clock up to 2 MHz or the free run frequency can be adopted. Their outputs show a phase shift of 180° to reduce emissions and can be connected to the battery, offering 3 A maximum current capability each. The linear regulator can work as a standby regulator, connected to the battery. Thanks to independent inputs and Enable pins of all regulators, the two DC-DC converters can also be used as post regulators, connected, for instance to the pre-regulated voltage generated by one of them.

Thermal protections, voltage supervisors and the availability of two packages, makes them suitable for many kinds of automotive power management systems.



  • Compact solution in a small package
  • Every regulator is battery compatible
  • High switching frequency, up to 2 MHz
  • High current capability, up to 3 A
  • Extremely low quiescent current in Standby (25 µA typ.)
  • Possibility of synchronization
  • Voltage monitoring and power goods
  • 180° phase shift between DC-DC


  • Use of just a single device with 3 outputs
  • Flexibility
  • High integration level
  • Small external components
  • Master slave configuration and customized power-up sequences without any external control
  • Low EMI emissions
  • Automotive-qualified AEC Q100


Application highlights



Infotainment and dashboard systems require the battery voltage to be distributed and converted to a lower voltage. L5963, directly connected to the vehicle battery, is used as pre-regulator, protecting the supplied application from battery fluctuations (transient supply voltages caused by load dump, for instance) and avoiding to add expensive countermeasures at application side. L5963 can easily manage the power up sequence without need of an external microcontroller, since all the regulators have dedicated Power Good and Enable pins.


Smart Driving (Accordo / Telemaco)

A complex power management system requires a large number of ICs: pre-regulators and post-regulators with different output voltage and current needs, MOSFETs, etc. L5963 provides a single integrated solution that embeds switching MOSFETs, and can be used for the pre-regulation when connected to the vehicle battery, or post-regulation. This solution, in addition to decreasing the time to market, allows adding features able to simplify the design, application size and cost.

Power Good signals, used to highlight that the output voltage has reached the correct value, together with input and output voltage monitors, thermal and over current protections, could be freely available in a more robust integrated solution. A switching frequency higher than the maximum content of AM band helps to deal with interference when the IC has to work near the tuner. This can be accomplished with a synchronizing pin where the engineer can use his desired frequency. A higher frequency helps to reduce the size of the external inductors, too.


                                                  Car connectivity solution                                                                                                     Infotainment system



USB ports are now an integral part of any automobile’s interior, and in a car you can normally find two USB ports for connecting your device. L5963 offers an all-in-one solution to power in-car USB ports and hubs.

L5963, enabling smaller and more efficient designs, while preventing interference, offers a single package that takes care of everything, from the time the current leaves the battery, to the time it reaches the USB ports or hub. The two step-down-synchronous switching regulators with internal power switches can be used to supply two USB 2.x ports, while the low drop-out (LDO) linear regulator can supply the USB controller.

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  • L5963 (PowerSSO 36L package)
  • L5963Q (VFQFPN 48L package)


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