dynamic NFC tags

ST25DV-I2C series: dynamic NFC tags with optimized I2C interface

ST25DV-I2C series

With its extra performance and flexibility, this latest evolution of the ST25DV-I2C boosts productivity and efficiency in industrial applications.

The ST25DV-I2C dynamic NFC-tag IC lets the host system access the tag’s on-chip EEPROM more quickly and easily, via the I2C interface. It offers quick firmware upgrade and write times as fast as standard EEPROMs.

The dynamic-tag IC is an RFID/NFC tag with a contactless RF and an I2C interface. Unique in the market, it combines a Fast Transfer Mode with long-distance capability and the convenience of NFC.

Key features

  • Contactless interface based on ISO15693 standard
  • NFC Type 5 dynamic tag certified by the NFC Forum
  • I2C interface 1MHz
  • Highest memory density in the industry (up to 64-Kbit of EEPROM)
  • Fast transfer mode between I2C and RF interfaces with a dedicated, half-duplex 256-byte buffer
  • Quick firmware upgrade thanks to a 16-byte page size on the I2C write
  • Energy harvesting capability
  • Low-power mode (suitable for zero-power applications)

Application examples

lighting Lighting
metering Metering
industrial Industrial
asset tracking Asset tracking
logistic Logistic
maintenance Maintenance
firmware upgrade Firmware upgrade

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