On-demand Webinar: NFC RFID Tags capturing the essence of Industry 4.0

Watch our 1-hour webinar to learn about adding new value dimensions across product life from manufacture to updates and maintenance

Recorded in July 2021

NFC/RFID technology offers manufacturers and brands extraordinary opportunities to easily add value and embed competitive advantages in their products. ST25 NFC/RFID Dynamic Tag ICs based on ISO 15693 help producers improve their manufacturing and logistic efficiency, while opening up the kind of functionality and convenience producers and consumers expect and appreciate in this new era of technological advancement.

This webinar will showcase how very low-cost RFID/NFC dynamic tag ICs can help brands and manufacturers capitalize on the many benefits that the technology offers. It includes direct examples on how straightforward RFID systems can streamline manufacturing flows for any embedded electronic product in just-in-time supply chain systems, while reducing OPEX costs at the same time.

We also take you through critical examples on how to improve manufacturing efficiency and warehouse operation by configuring boxed and unpowered electronic products for specific customers and markets immediately prior to shipment. Another featured example describes how to implement long-range contactless communication in production lines and warehouses with FEIG professional HF readers coupled with ISO15693 RFID/NFC Type 5 Dynamic Tags like the ST25DV-I2C.


  • Introduction to basic concepts of Industry 4.0 and use cases for taking advantage of RFID/NFC across product lifecycles
  • Examples following an electronic product from the manufacturing floor to field deployment with end users
  • Widespread electronic product personalization strategies, even when they are unpowered, boxed, and stacked on pallets ready for shipment
  • How technical challenges can be overcome with clever system designs along with professional readers and ST25 Dynamic Tag ICs based on ISO15693

There is a recorded Q&A session at the end of the webinar where our experts answered questions from the floor.



Giuliana CURRO

Giuliana CURRO has over 20 years' experience in semiconductors, with the last 6 years spent working with ST RFID/NFC technology as product marketing and EMEA technical marketing manager. She holds a PhD in Solid State Physics from Messina University (IT) and an MBA degree from Edinburgh Business School (Heriott-Watt University, UK).


Marian LANGSFELD joined ST in 2017 as an application engineer. Marian is heavily involved in ST25 products and RF technologies associated with STM32 wireless connectivity microcontrollers.

Jim Barlow

Jim Barlow is a Technical Marketer for NFC/RFID based in California. Jim has held various positions in design, business development, sales and applications with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Nova University, and BSEE studies from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Jie Weng

With 15 years in the semiconductor industry, Jie Weng is currently Product Marketing Engineer focused on EEPROM and NFC/RFID products at ST Microelectronics. Before joining ST, Jie worked on 4G/5G base station transceivers. She’s obtained MSEE from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and MBA from Northeastern University.