Commercial HVAC

ツール & ソフトウェア
Today's climate control systems include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), as well as mobile refrigeration. These systems are gradually becoming more intelligent and more connected thanks to the implementation of smart gateways, which are a key enabler in leveraging smart technologies. Effective climate control systems require a variety of environmental sensors to effectively monitor and control temperature, humidity, ambient light, and air quality. Overall system efficiency is essential in climate control systems, which means the embedded components must operate with the lowest possible energy losses.

Commercial Indoor/Outdoor HVAC Unit

Commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems consist of many motor control subsystems to drive fans and compressors and a variety of environmental sensors. Commercial air conditioning systems range from simple systems for smal

Mobile Refrigeration

Mobile refrigeration systems range from large road and sea transport applications requiring high-power systems, to smaller cooling systems in vans and cars. Power consumption is a critical factor in these refrigeration systems, as they are powered lo


Industry 4.0におけるデジタル化の進展に伴い、産業用ゲートウェイは重要な役割を担っています。産業用ゲートウェイは、複数の有線 / 無線センサ・ノードからデータを収集し、クラウド・アプリケーションや状態モニタリング・システムに送信してデータ分析を実現します。また、さまざまなネットワーク・テクノロジー間のブリッジとして、各種センサをインターネットに直接接続させるだけでなく、エッジ・プロセッシングによりルール・ベースの分析を行い、システムの消費電力およびネットワーク帯域幅の削減に貢献します。

Our products and solutions

ST features a wide portfolio of STM32 microcontrollers, MEMS environmental sensors, and highly efficient power management devices and modules. These can be integrated with our multi-protocol solutions for wired and wireless connectivity.

Our solutions ensure reliable performance and high efficiency across many motor control architectures.

  • For discrete topologies, we offer a very wide range of Power MOSFET and IGBT devices, along with optimized external gate drivers.
  • ST also offers compact SLIMM Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs), and highly integrated and intelligent STSPIN stepper motor drivers with embedded STM32 microcontrollers.

To help you build better prototypes and more viable designs faster, ST’s development environment brings you hardware and free software tools for evaluation and development. Our Software Development Kits supporting major cloud platforms enable remote sensing, monitoring, actuation, and device management.