Smart cities use advanced technologies and data analysis to improve the quality of life for their citizens through more livable, sustainable, and equitable urban environments.
One of the primary goals of smart cities is to enhance mobility services, such as public transportation and parking management, ride sharing, and bike sharing to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.
Smart cities also focus on energy management, including electricity, natural gas, water, and heating/cooling, using energy metering and data analytics to reduce energy consumption, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions.
Public safety deployment, with surveillance cameras and emergency response systems is already a major component of smart city infrastructure.
Many new technologies are also being deployed in smart cities, such as smart buildings to build energy-efficient buildings and to improve comfort and reduce maintenance costs, and digital health monitoring or telemedicine to improve healthcare services and wellness among citizens.




製品 & ソリューション

STは、超低消費電力の32bitマイクロコントローラSTM32、MEMSモーション・センサおよび環境センサ、さまざまな高効率パワー / エネルギー・マネージメントIC、短距離および長距離のワイヤレス通信ソリューションなど、幅広い製品を提供しています。また、包括的なハードウェア / ソフトウェア評価・開発ツールを提供し、スマート・シティを実現する革新的な製品の考案と設計をサポートしています。