STM32 MPU OpenSTLinux Distribution

As a mainlined open-source Linux distribution, OpenSTLinux Distribution is a key element of the STM32 Embedded Software solution for STM32 multi-market multi-core microprocessors (MPU) embedding a single or dual Arm® Cortex®-A7 core.

Developers should note that OpenSTLinux Distribituion is not a specific, custom Linux distribution. By massively investing in mainlining the OpenSTLinux Distribution, ST demonstrates its dedication to:

  • Accelerating the development of systems that needs high processing power, graphical support combined with power-efficient real-time control and high feature integration
  • providing developers with an unprecedented level of support

Designers working on a wide range of applications including Industrial, Consumer, Medical and Smart Home will benefit from:

  • Seamless software migration during kernel upgrades
  • Improving software quality and robustness as well as reducing risk
  • Development resources allocated to new innovative functionalities at application level
  • Reducing project time to market and cost

The OpenSTLinux Distribution contains:

  • Linux board support package (BSP) 
  • Linux kernel
  • Required drivers
  • Secure bootchain based on Arm Trusted Firmware (TF-A) and Universal Boot Loader (U-Boot)
  • Secure OS: Open Portable Trusted Execution Environment (OP-TEE)
  • Application frameworks including the following Linux application frameworks (non-exhaustive list):
    • Wayland display server protocol (Weston reference implementation)
    • Gstreamer multimedia framework
    • Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) libraries

To optimize each development phase of a project, ST offers software packages that let developers select the support that best meets their needs:

  • Starter package (STM32MP1Starter) to quickly and easily start with any STM32MP1 microprocessor device
  • Developer package (STM32MP1Dev) to add your own code on top of the STM32MP1 Embedded Software distribution
  • Distribution package (STM32MP1Distrib) to create your own Linux® distribution as well as your own Starter and Developer packages
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OpenSTLinux Distribution