ST’s 550 V and 650 V MDmesh M5 power MOSFETs are optimized for high-power PFC and PWM topologies in hard switching applications such as solar-power converters, power supplies for consumer products, electronic lighting controls and EV/HEV. They enable new generations of energy-conscious, compact and reliable electronic products thanks to low on-state losses per silicon area combined with low gate charge (Qg) in a wide range of packages, including the new 4-lead TO247-4 which features a dedicated control pin for increased switching efficiency, the 1-mm-high surface-mount PowerFLAT 8x8 HV and PowerFLAT 5x6 HV featuring an exposed metal drain pad for efficient heat dissipation. 

Key features and benefits:

  • Extremely low RDS(on) for increased efficiency and more compact designs
  • Optimized trade-off between RDS(on) and capacitance profiles for increased performance in high-power PFC

MDmesh M5 series

MDmesh™ M5 technology Power MOSFETs now available in TO247-4 package

ST’s MDmesh™ M5 Power MOSFET device series is extended with new devices housed in the TO247-4 package also available with a long-lead package option. TO247-4 devices further improve the efficiency of medium to large switching power supplies ensuring a certified efficiency level of 80 PLUS Titanium and 80 PLUS Platinum.
           Discover our Power MOSFETs with the new TO247-4 package.