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Multi-Connectivity Asset Tracking Solution with MEMS and GNSS


This multi-connectivity asset tracking solution with MEMS environmental and motion sensors and GNSS positioning targets advanced tracking applications such as livestock monitoring, fleet management, and logistics.

Built around the STM32WB and STM32WL wireless MCU SoC for short- and long-range connectivity (BLE, LoRa, and 2.4 GHz and sub-1GHz proprietary protocols), this solution includes an NFC Dynamic tag enabling NFC connectivity with an energy-harvesting feature optimized for long battery life.

In addition to our tiny Teseo-LIV3F GNSS module able to work simultaneously on multiple constellations, there is an ultra-low-power temperature sensor, an ultra-compact absolute digital output barometer, and a high-performance three-axis linear accelerometer and temperature sensor.

Featuring state-of-the-art security for authentication and data management services, there is an STSAFE-A110 secure element with the latest cryptography and protection mechanisms.

An end-to-end proof of concept is also possible using a Web-based dashboard (DSH-ASSETRACKING) and an Asset Tracking mobile app (STAssetTracking).

The DSH-ASSETRACKING dashboard is a cloud application powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It provides a highly functional and intuitive interface tailored for the collection, visualization and analysis of asset tracking position via its GNSS module as well as data from motion and environmental sensors such as temperature, humidity and pressure.

You can use the dashboard to plot and graph real-time or historical position data and sensor values, and to monitor operating conditions such as running temperature and events.

The STAssetTracking app allows you to remotely configure a BLE and NFC asset tracking node from a compatible mobile device with Bluetooth or NFC connectivity. It provides all the functionality to enable data logging for specific sensors and set threshold triggers to start and stop logging activity.

The STAssetTracking app communicates with the STM32Cube function pack (FP-ATR-ASTRA1B) firmware running on the wireless STM32 microcontroller, which manages the geo-position and sensor data logging activity.

  • All Features

    • Multi-band asset tracking solution based on STM32 wireless MCUs, from Bluetooth Low Energy to LoRa
    • Contactless connectivity thanks to NFC dynamic tag
    • Geo-localization for high accuracy positioning
    • Ultra-low power and high-resolution environmental and motion sensors
    • End-to-end proof of concept thanks to mobile app and cloud-based dashboard