Design Win

Rad hard 65nm CMOS technology platform for space applications




The C65SPACE is fabricated on a proprietary 65nm, 7 metal layers CMOS process intended for use with a core voltage of 1.2V ±0.10V.The ST standard-cells, memories and PLL have been designed and characterized to be compatible with each other.

  • 特徴

    • プロセス
      • STMicroelectronics C65SPACE (65nm CMOS)
      • 3.3V IO gate oxide GO2 (5nm)
      • 1.2V core gate oxide GO1 (1.8nm), triple VT transistors
      • 7 copper metallization,5 thin and 2 thick
      • Low-K inter-metallic dielectrics for thin metal layers
      • High density SRAMs
      • Compatible with flip-chip and wire bonding packaging
    • Radiations
      • SEL-free up to LET = 60Mev/mg/cm2 at 125°C Tj and Vdd max
      • SEE hardened library
      • Tested up to a total dose of 300 krads (Si)
    • Reliability
      • Library cells models with 20 years aging
      • Transistor models including aging alteration
      • ESD better than:
        • 2kV in HBM (Class 2 / MIL-STD-883H)
        • 150V in MM
        • 250V in CDM
    • ライブラリオファー
      • Comprehensive library of standard logic with PVT and aging corners models
      • IO pad libraries provide interfaces at 3.3V +/-0.30V, 2.5V+/-0.25V and 1.8V +/-0.15V
      • High speed IO Pad LVDS supplied at 2.5V +/-0.25V up to 650Mbps
      • Cold sparing IOs with single/double row support
      • Memories generation: single port SRAM, ROM, Dual port SRAMs, BIST library, EDAC library
      • Wide-range PLLs 1.2GHz with multi-phase outputs
      • 6.25Gbit/s high speed serial links (HSSL)
    • Design flow
      • An ST customized design flow (RTL to GDS) invoking commercial solutions (Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor…) is available for partners and certified design houses:
        • Front-End kit from RTL to gates based
        • SiPKit for IO ring generation
        • FFKit for place and route
        • SignOffKit for final verification before tape-out
      • For customer owned tools (COT) flow, ST provides the C65SPACE design platform along with the DRM and sign-off kit.