Current sense amplifiers

High voltage, low- and high-side current sense amplifiers

A high-side current sense amplifier which delivers an analog voltage output; the TSC200 integrates an open-drain comparator with output latch function and an internal 0.6 V voltage reference.

Gain Setting
200 V/V

High-voltage, low- and high-side bidirectional current sense amplifiers

Able to detect drop voltages as low as 10 mV, our high-voltage bidirectional current sense amplifiers (available both as Automotive and Industrial grade) can sense the current thanks to a shunt resistor over a wide range of common mode voltages from –20 to + 70 V, regardless of the supply voltage. Available also with extended temperature range (-40 to 150 °C).

20 V/V
60 V/V
100 V/V

New low- and high-side bidirectional, zero-drift, current sense amplifiers

Based on a zero-drift architecture that delivers high performance for precision current sensing, the TSC21x series brings excellent accuracy and robustness to your design.

With a wide supply voltage range from 2.7 to 26 V, TSC21 current sense amplifiers support temperatures from -40 to 125 °C, making them ideal for industrial and automotive applications. Automotive Grade (AG) versions are available.

Gain Setting
200 V/V
500 V/V
1000 V/V
50 V/V
100 V/V
75 V/V

Key features and benefits

  • High precision: Very low offset voltage
  • Great accuracy: Accuracy virtually unaffected by temperature change
  • Robustness: High ESD tolerance guaranteed

Application examples

Battery management
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Prototype & test with our evaluation kit for high-precision, bidirectional, current sense amplifiers


Prototype & test with our evaluation kit for high voltage bidirectional current sense amplifiers (TSC2010,TSC2011,TSC2012)


新しいハイサイド / ローサイド測定対応の双方向ゼロドリフト電流センス・アンプ


  • 高精度: きわめて低い入力オフセット電圧
  • 全温度にわたる正確性: 入力オフセット電圧の温度による影響が極小
  • 堅牢性: 高いESD耐圧を保証