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ST’s product portfolio includes operational amplifiers and comparators dedicated to the challenging industrial, automotive and consumer markets.
The main features of our growing portfolio are low power, high precision and tiny packages.
The range of products allows easy and fast integration of analog products inside signal conditioning, monitoring and control solutions.

Explore our most commonly used amplifiers. Download our quick reference guide. 

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Operational amplifiers

op amps operational amplifiers

High performance, low power, precision, automotive-grade qualified op amps and tiny packages.

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High-speed, low-power, automotive-grade qualified comparators, outstanding robustness and tiny packages.

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Current sensing

Current sensing

Integrated solution, robust devices and automotive-grade qualified current sense amplifiers.

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Video amplifiers

video amplifiers

Single and triple video buffers/filters, with or without power-down function, for HD or SD applications.

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Power op amp

power op amps

High output current, low drop and high gain. Power op amp available in insertion and surface-mount packages.

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