Smart home environments and their key applications offer a range of benefits that enhance our way of life and have positive impacts on the environment, from convenience and energy savings to improved safety and accessibility.
We see promising scenarios in energy management, energy metering, home automation, smart lighting systems, and smart appliances, and emerging technologies in home and building security monitoring, home entertainment systems control, and health and wellness monitoring
As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more innovations around future smart home technology.


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製品 & ソリューション

STは、Smart Homeアプリケーション向けの幅広い有線および無線通信ソリューション、ガレージ開閉システムや自動雨戸システムを実装するための幅広いスケーラブルなモータ制御ソリューション、可能な限り高い効率を適切なコスト水準で実現するためのパワー・マネージメントICを提供しています。