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Smart home

Smart home environments and their key applications offer a range of benefits that enhance our way of life and have positive impacts on the environment, from convenience and energy savings to improved safety and accessibility.
We see promising scenarios in energy management, energy metering, home automation, smart lighting systems, and smart appliances, and emerging technologies in home and building security monitoring, home entertainment systems control, and health and wellness monitoring
As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more innovations around future smart home technology.

Explore Smart home applications

Technical Challenges

Smart home applications involve:

  • Interoperability between multiple devices and communication networks
  • High communication security systems with wired and wireless connectivity,
  • Device and network scalability to accommodate an increasing number of smart home devices and users.
  • User-friendly equipment interfaces and commissioning procedures to facilitate adoption and use.

ST Solutions

ST offers a broad range of products and solutions for smart city applications, including low power and secured STM32 microcontrollers and processors, wired (KNX) and wireless connectivity solutions for short range connectivity such as KNX-RFBluetooth Low Energy ICssub-GHz ICsNFC, and RFID.

ST also has a large portfolio of environmental sensors for temperature and climate control systems, complemented with advanced motion sensors for home and building equipment monitoring, Time of Flight, Infrared (TMOS IR), and image sensors for presence detection.
Finally, ST power management ICs ensure the highest possible efficiency at various cost points for all connected devices in home automation systems.