Sustainable Financial Performance

Sustainable Profit

Our commitment to sustainability is a key enabler of long-term business success and improving financial performance. Our actions to drive sustainable progress are designed to improve our financial performance, decrease risk, and support and improve our reputation among stakeholders as a long-time pioneer in our industry.

ST strives to continuously make advances on the programs of our sustainability strategy. These advances improve, among many other areas, our financial performance, both in the short and long term, and make for a stronger company, and ultimately, for a better world.

Through our actions, we better understand and more effectively engage in issues important to our stakeholders such as profitability, social welfare, the environment, racial and gender equality, product responsibility and other public issues. We measure, review and update our progress in a regular and transparent manner and we adjust accordingly to meet evolving trends in sustainability practices.

Each year, our sustainability strategy and performance are evaluated by Social Responsible Investment (SRI) rating agencies and analysts. More information about our inclusion in sustainability's indices is available.

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