With more than 30 years of success in automotive electronics, ST is an experienced, innovative, and reliable partner with whom to build the future of transportation.

ST’s Smart Driving products and solutions are making driving safer, greener and more connected using our broad technology expertise and portfolio, which we use to support a wide range of automotive applications, including ADAS, In-Vehicle Entertainment, Telematics & Networking, Electric Vehicles, Electro-mobility and Body & Convenience. ST’s technologies and solutions are enabling automotive suppliers and car makers to usher in the new era of car electrification, advanced driving systems and car connectivity and security.


Body & Convenience

Stellar: 1st Arm® Cortex®-R52 Automotive MCU 

Unprecedented real-time performance and revolutionary non-volatile memory technology combine to lead innovation. Robust HW-enforced physical and deterministic separation to isolate RT environments working in parallel.

  • Stellar Innovation in Technology and Architecture
  • Freedom from Interference of safety-critical real-time environments via unique HW eVirtualization
  • Strong isolation of ASIL levels via peripherals allocation & exclusive access to memory spaces 

ST Parts: Stellar 32-bit Automotive MCUs

NFC Experience Wall

NFC/RFID AEC-Q100 certified readers to enable digital keys for car access and car sharing, body control pairing for in-car personalized experience and EV charging enablement.

  • NFC/RFID Readers to Enable Digital Key for Car Access, Sharing, in-car-delivery and Engine Start
  • NFC/RFID AEC-Q100 Readers to Enable in-car Personalized Experience and as OOB to Qi Charging
  • EV Charging Enablement: NFC EMVCo Certified Readers to authorize Charging and/or to
    process payment

ST Parts: ST25 NFC/RFID Tags


Powering 48 V Electro-mobility

VIPower makes driving smarter and safer, with the new line of 48 V solutions for power distribution, protection, and driving multi-phase motors.

  • 48 V Half Bridge ICs have built in power FETs, current sense, thermal protection and diagnostics
  • 48 V High Side Drivers offer protected switching of high-power loads in electrified vehicles
  • All devices come in thermally advanced packages for maximum efficiency and cost savings

ST Parts: VIPower - VNHB1103SQ, VN14800AQ (Contact an ST Sales Rep for details)

Smart Electronic Fuse

ST's next-generation solid-state fuse driver (Smart E-fuse) enabling a high level of functional safety and power management in 12/24/48 V systems.

  • Programmability and flexibility in power management and protection of loads and wiring systems
  • Reduces weight and cost of wire-harness networks, and the need for user accessible fuse-boxes
  • Enables advanced system diagnostics and protection using embedded self checks & sensing technology

ST Parts: VIPower - VNF7000AY, VNF1048F (Contact an ST Sales Rep for details)

ESD Protection

ESD demo featuring ST Transient Voltage Suppressor diodes protecting CAN bus transceivers, enhancing reliability & robustness for automotive applications. AEC-Q101 qualified.

  • ESD-surge live demo on CAN transceivers circuitry
  • These ESD CAN devices are diode arrays designed to protect an automotive CAN bus against overvoltages

ST Parts: ESDCAN02-2BWY Automotive Dual-Line TVS


Experience V2X Driving with Autotalks

Experience driving with V2X on three different continents. The demo leverages gaming technology to provide the driver with the confidence to know what lies ahead.

  • V2X (Vehicle to Everything) improves safety and enhances mobility everywhere around the world
  • Autotalks’ 2nd gen chipsets were designed to meet V2X market requirements and standards globally
  • Supporting both C-V2X and DSRC, Autotalks chipsets have been chosen for series production projects

ST Parts: ST Teseo III (STA8090), ST 6-axis IMU (ASM330LHH)

77 GHz Auto MMIC EVK

STRADA770M is a single-chip transceiver for automotive radar able to cover the frequency band from 76 GHz to 81 GHz in order to be compliant for all the radar applications.

  • Single-chip transceiver with 3 transmitter and 4 receiver paths
  • Multiple MIMCs can be cascaded for application expansion and higher resolution
ST Parts: STRADA770M

Pedestrian Safety by Tieto (ST Partner)

Tieto, a leading software & services company, unleashes the full potential of V2X Unex Module running on ST’s Telemaco3P Secure ASIL-B processor, demonstrating a smart Pedestrian Crossing Aonlert system.

  • Telemaco3P Secure ASIL-B Automotive Processor is powerful host of V2X modules in ADAS applications
  • Tieto’s Software R&D services optimize development life cycle and time-to-market on Telemaco3P MPU
  • V2X communication is powered by Unex SOM-301 module on ST MTP platform
    and Tieto’s application

ST Parts: STA1385

ECU Authentication

Safety-certified security solution that can be designed into vehicles. It utilizes the ST Chorus 6M MCU and Veridify Security cryptographic library that are both certified for ISO 26262 ASIL-D.

  • Ensure authenticity of data and its source in ECU-sensor communication in an automotive use case
  • Qualified for ASIL-D, the ST SPC58NG MCU is ideal for safety-critical applications
  • Veridify Security crypto algorithm is performance- and resource-efficient, quantum
    resistant and ASIC-D certified

ST Parts: SPC58 - Chorus family 32-bit Power Architecture MCU

Vehicle Positioning

Precise Vehicle Positioning enabled by ST's 6-axis IMU in conjunction with ST GNSS solutions (Teseo III and Teseo V) to keep track of the vehicle’s position and movements.

  • Affordable and precise solutions to implement dead-reckoning algorithms and other corrections
  • STMicroelectronics is today the leading supplier of 3-axis gyros for Dead Reckoning
  • Recent launch of the new high accuracy, high stability 6-axis IMU, the ASM330LHH

ST Parts: ST Teseo III (STA8090)ST 6-axis IMU (ASM330LHH)

Driver Monitoring System

High-performance global shutter sensor, coupled with state-of-the-art software from ST, combine to demonstrate advanced driver monitoring, including eyelid opening, precise gaze and 3D-head model.

  • Unique Near-IR performance and ambient light management provide robust and accurate monitoring
  • Reference design demonstrates an advanced context using VCSEL technology
  • ST is working with partners to bring turnkey solutions to automotive players

ST Parts: VD5661VD5761


Battery Management System (BMS)

BMS demo featuring the L9963 Li-ion battery monitoring and protection IC for high-reliability automotive applications and energy storage systems. AEC-Q100 qualified & ISO26262 ASIL-D compliant.

  • Single device measures 4 to 14 cells in series – up to 15 devices, 210 cells for a max 900 V system
  • Fully synchronized, fast, high-precision, current and voltage measurement, within +/-1500 A range
  • Supports hot-plug connection without the need for Zeners in parallel with each cell

ST Parts: L9963


Innolectric On-Board Charger

3-phase 22 kW On-Board Charger (OBC) for industrial EVs ensures AC charging with the related PWM and PLC communication and offers full interoperability with stand-compliant charging stations.

  • Uses SCT50N120 SiC-MOSFET, STPSC40H12CW SiC-Diode, high voltage M5 MOSFET, STM8 & STM32F4 series
  • State-of-the-art high-efficiency on-board charger for industrial vehicles

ST Parts: STM8AF62, STY145N65M5, SCT50N120, STPSC40H12C, STM32F4


ST On-board Charger

21 kW SMD modular solution for on-board chargers includes 3 modules of 7 kW each in totem-pole configuration with SiC MOSFETs to reduce component count. Input SCRs are used for in-rush current limiting.

  • Very high power compact modular SMD design allows up to Level 3 charging
  • High-efficiency Si, SiC MOSFET and Diodes. In-rush current limiting control through SCR
  • Automotive-grade microcontrollers, drivers

ST Parts: SCTH35N65G2, STPSC20065GY, STTH30L06GY, TN3050H-12GY,


DC-to-DC Converter

Automotive bi-directional 1 kW Boost/3 kW Buck, DC-to-DC-converter reference design for evaluation of digitally controlled switch mode power supply (SMPS).

  • Reference source code in "C", for better user productivity and rapid implementation
  • GUI with ability to adjust main system parameters and provide control feedback, via USP interface
  • ST provides automotive system solutions with products from power discrete devices to
    32-bit micros

ST Parts: SPC58NE84C3, Automotive-grade low voltage MOSFET, Schottkys, Drivers
and Op-Amps


ST Traction Inverter

Very compact traction-inverter solution stack-up of SiC MOSFET-based ACEPACK Drive Module, Gate Driving Board and Aux Power Supply. Capable of driving EV and HEV high power Electric Motors.

  • SiC MOSFET improves EV and HEV performance with longer range, higher efficiency, and smaller size
  • ST Traction Inverter eval board is a very compact and high power-density solution
  • Automotive grade microcontroller, drivers and SiC module for EV Traction Inverter

ST Parts: STGAP1AS, SPC560P50L3, A7986, A6902, STPSxx, ESDCAN05



Future Electronics’ Primo Board

Machine learning demo. New AI Development system, using the new STM32G4 MCU, the STM32WB MCU and ST’s industrial sensors.

  • Standalone unit with Bluetooth® Low Energy, Cellular communication and NFC, including real-time GNSS tracking capabilities
  • Fully integrated sensing system: sound, vibration, humidity, pressure, current and temperature sensing
  • Firmware based on the ST ecosystem and smartphone app and cloud-based predefined applications

ST Parts: Teseo-LIV3F, STM32G431RBT6, STM32WB55CGU6, STSAFA100S8TCD01, ST25DV04K-IER6T3, HTS221TR, MP34DT05-A, LPS33WTR, ISM330DLCTR


Positioning Localization

Swift Navigation’s localization solutions use ST Telemaco3P to deliver high-accuracy positioning for autonomous navigation.

  • Starling – engineered to comply with ISO 26262 safety standards – runs on automotive GNSS
  • Starling leverages Swift’s nationwide Skylark cloud corrections service for absolute positioning
  • The Starling positioning engine is easily integrated into ST’s Telemaco3P and Teseo V platforms

ST Parts: STA1385, STA9100


Audio Enhancement

ST's FDA901 audio amplifier and STM32H7 enable Klippel Controlled Sound, an adaptive audio control algorithm for improved audio performance.

  • FDA901's real time current sense feedback is an enabling feature for adaptive audio algorithms
  • Audio enhancement algorithms offer improved performance at a system level for all audio applications
  • Audio enhancement algorithms can run on MCU's from ST, they do not need a high-end DSP

ST Parts: FDA901, STM32H7