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Teseo III, the latest generation of ST's GNSS ICs, offers reduced power consumption and carrier-phase tracking, allowing higher accuracy for automotive applications.

Compliant with ST's Automotive Grade qualification which includes, in addition to AEC-Q100 (Grade 3 and 2) requirements, a set of production flow methodologies targeting zero defects per million, Teseo III GNSS receiver ICs fulfill the high quality and service level requirements of the automotive market. They are the ideal solution for in-dash navigation, smart antenna, car-to-car, V2X and OEM telematics applications.

Our product offering includes standalone positioning chips (SAL) and configurable system-on-chips (SOCs), supporting multiple global navigation systems such as GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, GLONASS and QZSS. The standalone devices are offered with GNSS firmware embedded, to perform all positioning operations including tracking, acquisition, navigation and data output. The SoCs offer power processing and spare memory to enable customers and partners to easily and efficiently merge their code or specific IPs with ST's GNSS library to create a highly optimized platform.

Both solutions come with different package options and memory size, and are compatible with the TESEO-DRAW sensor fusion firmware for dead-reckoning and assisted navigation.

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Teseo III: STA8089 and STA8090 series

Teseo IIIThe new Teseo III product family creates a new state-of-the-art in positioning accuracy by building on the industry–leading performance of ST’s Teseo II single-chip satellite-tracking ICs. The new generation also leverages the Company’s investment and support for sensor fusion as found in Automotive Dead Reckoning and Assisted-GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) functions.

By adding the BeiDou satellite-tracking capabilities to existing support for all global systems, the Teseo III delivers greater accuracy and location precision in Asia and throughout the world.

The Teseo III product family is offered in two series:

  • The STA8089 series adds support for the BeiDou constellation to devices that remain pin-to-pin compatible with the Teseo II series, to enable fast customer-application migration.
  • The STA8090 series series adds a new, more efficient power-management unit, along with support for China’s BeiDou satellites.