Talent Attraction and Engagement

People Development & Engagement

In a high technology and fast changing context, it is strategic to develop employees to constantly maintain leadership in our products and technologies, and satisfy customers and market new demands. Employee engagement is a critical driver of organizational performance to achieve superior business results.

8,700 employees trained on Lean

Annual qualitative performance feedback for >90% eligible employees

48 average training hours per employee in 2017

ST's learning and development strategy

Our objective is to ensure ST is a company that leads in innovation, with a learning culture where feedback, collaboration, and leadership behaviors are visible everywhere.

Our learning and development strategy aims at providing timely answers to business needs through the development of our shared knowledge, competencies, and know-how. The strategy focuses on business needs, Lean methodologies, change management, leadership, and engagement.

Employee engagement

We engage our employees by ensuring they understand ST’s strategy and future direction as a business, they know how they can contribute to the company’s success, and by motivating them to make this contribution.

Every two years, we conduct an employee survey monitoring engagement, alignment and agility. The results are analyzed and a focused action plan developed for each site and organization worldwide.

More information can be found in our annual Sustainability Report.