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モータ制御は、従来の ボディ& コンビニエンスシャーシ & セーフティから eモビリティやEV向けeパワートレインのようなスマートかつより革新的な領域まで、 自動車アプリケーションにおいて重要な分野です。 Read more

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In pursuit of greater efficiency

The request for more efficient systems, to cope with demanding emissions regulations, is pushing to replace engine powered components such as fluid pumps and Air Conditioning with electric motors that can be driven now in a smarter way

  • Brushed DC motors are the suitable and cost-effective solution for actuating, where short duty time are requested. 
  • Brushless DC (BLDC) motors, on the other hand, need sophisticated algorithm and high computing capability, thus representing the best choice for demanding applications requiring long-term duty time and safety standards. 

Whatever is the car segment, electric motors are today omnipresent inside low & medium-end vehicles, rising at a number as high as 60-70 in premium segment; high-voltage traction inverters assist or even take over ICE engines and 48V small electric motors play a crucial role in CO2 emission reduction, thanks to smarter Starter Generator and e-Turbochargers systems introduction.

Our products and solutions

ST has the broadest product portfolio dedicated to Motor Control for Automotive applications: from its leading-edge VIPower H-Bridges and intelligent power switches, providing higher power density, diagnostics, and protection feature, to SPC5 32-bit MCUs compliant with ISO26262 safety standard up to ASIL-D and a huge offer of power MOSFETs combined with state-of-the art packaging. 

ST is definitely the right partner with whom to develop reliable and cost-effective solutions for automotive motor control applications.

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      Dynamic Electro-Thermal simulator for devices in VIPower technology

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      Dynamic Electro-Thermal simulator for devices in VIPower technology