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Online Motor Control solution finder for STM32 and STM8 products

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ST-MC-SUITE (ST motor-control suite) is an online tool that provides easy access to motor-control resources in the STMicroelectronics MCU ecosystem, including STM32 and STM8.

ST-MC-SUITE allows the browsing of generic motor-control videos and documentation such as application notes, brochures, presentations, or magazine articles. It also provides access to specific documentation associated to software and hardware resources. All these components can be individually selected to build a bundle, a unique compressed archive that contains each selected document and the links to the videos selected. This bundle is downloadable from the tool.

ST-MC-SUITE allows the selection and saving of one or more setups (selections of compatible hardware and software adequate for the development of a motor-control application). Once a setup is defined, its description can be saved in a pdf file to be downloaded immediately or as part of the bundle. From the setup view, the user is provided with the SW package download page as well as STMicroelectronics eStore for the purchase of the selected HW platforms.

  • 特徴

    • Browse both STM32 and STM8 STMicroelectronics MCU motor-control resources (hardware tools, software packages, documentation, and videos)
    • Select motor-control materials (documentation and links to hardware tools, software packages, and videos) and download them as a bundle (zip file)
    • Save motor-control setups as combinations of software packages and hardware tools most relevant for the development of the target motor-control applications


STM32 Ecosystem for Motor Control
STM32 ecosystem offers many tools to ease the development of motor control applications