8PSK/QPSK low-power 3.3 V satellite tuner IC

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  • The STV6110A satellite tuner is a directconversion (zero IF) receiver dedicated to digital TV broadcasting.

    On the RF input is a low noise amplifier (LNA), with buffer to supply the RF output for loop-through, and a continuously variable gain LNA to ensure an optimal signal level for the two mixers. Each mixer, which down-converts the signal to baseband, is followed by a low-pass filter and amplifier. The baseband gain can be varied by programming a register via the I2C bus.
    The LO signals are provided by an integrated PLL which contains an on-chip voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) meeting stringent phase noise requirements. The PLL loop filter is integrated.
    The LO frequencies are programmable.
    The comparison frequency for the phasefrequency detector (PFD) is generated by dividing the crystal oscillator reference frequency. The crystal frequency can be from 16 MHz to 32 MHz depending on application.


    • Flexible crystal frequency output to drive the demodulator IC
    • Low power consumption
    • Additional and programmable gain on baseband amplifier: 0 to 16 dB
    • Continuously variable gain: 0 to 65 dB
    • Compatible with 5-V and 3.3 V I2C bus
    • Programmable 5- to 36-MHz cut-off frequency (butterworth 5th-order baseband filters)
    • Extremely low phase noise compliant with DVB-S2 requirements
    • Fully integrated PLL frequency synthesizer for DVB-S2 (including loop filter)
    • RF to baseband 8PSK/QPSK direct conversion
    • Input frequency range 950 MHz to 2150 MHz
    • Single 3.3 V DC supply
    • On-chip RF loop-through
    • Low external component count
    • Supports 1 to 45 Msymbol/s


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      8PSK/QPSK low-power 3.3 V satellite tuner IC
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      8PSK/QPSK low-power 3.3 V satellite tuner IC

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