Audio/video switch and 6-channel SD video filter

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  • The STV6417 is a highly integrated I2C bus-controlled audio and video switch matrix, optimized for use in digital set-top box applications. It provides all the audio and video routings required in a full two-SCART set-top box design.

    The STV6417 is a fully integrated solution for filtering and buffering SD signals


    • I2C bus control
    • Interrupt signal output
    • Video section:
      • Three CVBS inputs, two CVBS outputs
      • Three Y/C inputs, three Y/C outputs
      • Low-pass filters (LPF) for standard definition (1H) on six inputs plus bypass LPF (2H).
      • Gain of 6 dB on all CVBS/Y and C outputs
      • Integrated 150-Ω buffers
      • Two RGB/ two FB Inputs, one high impedance mode (HZ) RGB/FB output with 6-dB adjustable gain (from +3 dB to +9 dB)
      • Two YPrPb inputs
      • AC- or DC-coupled video outputs
      • One CVBS output (Y/C adder)
      • Two slow blanking inputs/outputs
      • Bottom clamp on all CVBS/Y and RGB inputs, average clamp on C inputs, synchronized clamp on PrPb inputs
      • Bi-directional control for VCR R/C output and for TV B output
      • AC-coupled inputs and AC- or DC-coupled inputs for video signal from encoder with internal clamp and bias
      • Video detection block in low power auto startup mode
      • Crosstalk: 50 dB minimum
      • Video muting on all outputs
    • Audio section:
      • Three stereo inputs, two stereo outputs
      • One mono sound output
      • Stereo-to-mono sound capability
      • Differential or single-ended audio input
      • Selectable gain of 0, 6 or 9 dB on one stereo input
      • Full range volume control with soft control
      • Audio muting on all outputs
    • アプリケーション
      • Set-top boxes (IP, cable, satellite, terrestrial)
      • Integrated digital TV plug-in
      • Blu-ray and DVD players


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      Audio/video switch and 6-channel SD video filter
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      Audio/video switch and 6-channel SD video filter

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