Telematics and Connectivity Processors

ST develops and manufactures a broad range of components for automotive telematics systems, providing the ability to connect the car to a permanent communication infrastructure via the mobile phone network. Examples of telematics applications include popular insurance boxes, aftermarket and OEM systems for emergency calls and remote assistance to drivers as well as accessories for in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile device connectivity for head-up displays.

ST's product range covers a wide portion of typical telematics architectures from GNSS positioning devices for vehicle location to sensors for vehicle acceleration monitoring and crash detection to Bluetooth® Smart connectivity for wireless in-vehicle applications. 

Leveraging our extensive expertise of hardware and software solutions for automotive infotainment and telematics applications, ST is now focusing on a new family of application-specific microprocessors which, with their scalable feature set and powerful processing capabilities, make the ideal choice for a cost-effective implementation of large scale of modem-independent telematics solutions from low-end eCall boxes – with the powerful but cost-effective Telemaco2 – to high-end smart antenna systems with the cyber-secure and functionally safe Telemaco3P.