Get to know STSPIN32F0 (02:38)

Get to know STSPIN32F0 Advanced brushless DC motor drivers with embedded 32-bit MCU

Getting started with STEVAL-USBC2DP (USB Type-C™ to DisplayPort™ adapter) (2:09)

The compact USB Type-C to DisplayPort adapter reference design, with USB Type-C connector and DisplayPort connector, exploits Alternate Mode of the USB Type-C and Power Delivery specifications to offer a comprehensive VESA® DisplayPort Standard interface.

Getting started with XCUBE VS4A and STM32F769 discovery kit (Alexa Voice Service)




The X-CUBE-VS4A Expansion Package consists of a set of libraries and application examples for STM32F7 Series microcontrollers acting as Alexa-enabled devices. It runs on the 32F769IDISCOVERY board, which provides a native Ethernet interface.