FOTA over LoRaWAN with STM32 and Actility Reliable Multicast Server (embedded world 2019) (2:23)

We asked Benjamin the following questions: What is FOTA and it's benefits? How can we meet the challenge of FOTA over LoRaWAN? So LoRaWAN FOTA is really happening?

STM8 alive and kicking! (ST at embedded world 2019) (2:47)

We asked Christophe the following questions: - How is ST engaged in the 8-bit MCU market ? - What benefits does the STM8 bring? - What applications are suitable for STM8 (no change) - What kind of ecosystem does STM8 have?

Why pick the STM32WB for your next design? (ST at embedded world) (5:23)

We asked Nathalie the following questions: - Why is the STM32WB the best product for 2.4GHz design? - How can the STM32WB accelerate customer development? - How can STM32WB help tackle hidden system cost? - Can we see a quick demo?

STM32G0 - World’s 1st USB Power Delivery 3.0 MCU  (3:05)

STM32G0 - the world’s 1st USB Power Delivery 3.0 MCU (ST at embedded world 2019)

The STM32MP1 and its third party ecosystem (ST at embedded world 2019)  (4:16)

In this video we discussed with just a few of the partners who have solutions already working on the STM32MP1.

STM32MP1 microprocessor: continuing the STM32 success story ! (ST at embedded world 2019)  (7:37)

We asked Sylvain the following questions: - Could you please tell me about the STM32MP1 ? - STM32MP1: ideal for what kind of application? - Why is the STM32MP1 so special? - What ecosystem does the STM32MP1 come with? - Is the STM32MP1 available? - Could we see a quick demo? - Where to get more info?

STM32- revolutionizing the HMI of things (3:11)

STM32: revolutionizing the HMI of things (ST at embedded world 2019)