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STM32CubeIDE is the all-in-one integrated development environment for STM32.

STM32CubeIDE allows faster application deployment by easing all tasks of the software development cycle. ​

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“STM32CubeIDE is really fast to get up and running.”

Updates are frequent. And there is a great community out there.

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  • Code editing
  • Project build
  • Board programming
  • Enhanced debugging
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Rich debug toolbox, integrated STM32 configurator, powerful editor of code and HW IP.

Rich debug toolbox​

The debug toolset set includes serial wire viewer (SWV) trace capabilities, statistical profiling, real-time operating system awareness for FreeRTOS​ and AzureRTOS/ThreadX, special function register (SFR) views on top of the traditional debugging capabilities, such as code and data breakpoints, stepping, and code disassembling.

Trace, profiling, RTOS awareness, SFR​

Trace, profiling, RTOS awareness, SFR​

Integrated STM32 configurator

STM32CubeIDE embeds the STM32CubeMX capabilities. It allows generating the HW IP initialization code through graphical wizards, keeping the ST source application and driver code updated and generating the STM32CubeIDE project description. ​

STM32CubeMX, HW IP setup, Software package

STM32CubeMX, HW IP setup, Eclipse project​

Powerful editor of code and HW IP

The editing capabilities include automated code completion, syntax​ and active code highlighting, call hierarchy, function/hover preview, and​ code templates.

Code completion, syntax highlighting, code templates

Code completion, syntax highlighting, code templates
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