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The continuously growing number of smartphone and other connected devices, combined with the new usage possibilities and applications offered by successive generations of technology has generated a huge growth in the amount of data on the Internet. The overall bandwidth and storage requirements are forecast to continue to grow exponentially with the introduction of 5G services, the further development of the Internet of Things, and Cloud services. To sustain this deluge of data, communications equipment needs to constantly evolve, bringing more performance, more flexibility and reliability, while ensuring strong security and maintaining extremely power-efficient operation. With its broad portfolio of products and strong expertize in communication and computing, ST is able to serve the industry throughout the whole infrastructure chain.

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We offer differentiated solutions for data centers, mobile, satellite and broadband communications systems, as well as for enterprise servers, SOHO equipment, computers and peripherals.  As a silicon technology innovator, we bring our advanced production-proven technology platforms to our customers along with our expertise in developing high performance, low power ASICs, covering digital, analog, RF, millimeter wave and optical systems for infrastructure and networking applications.  In addition, we offer a complete set of power management solutions, a large range of microcontrollers, sensors, connectivity and security solutions, as well as interfaces and transceivers, protection devices and analog components, which allow our customers to build highly-efficient advanced communication equipment, computers and peripherals.