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The Industrial electronics sector encompasses a wide variety of applications, many of which serve well-established industries. The introduction of new technologies and services associated with the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving new growth in these industries. Smart Industry initiatives are driving machines, factories and workplaces to become more efficient

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High levels of innovation are required to deliver solutions that meet the specific need of the diverse applications in the industrial market. For example, power and energy management technologies are needed for power ranging from microwatts in home appliances to megawatts in factory motors and connectivity solutions that can cover a range of data rates as well as distances from centimeters to tens of kilometers. 

Enabling technologies for the evolution of the industrial market include pervasive embedded processing such as Artificial Intelligence capabilities, wired and wireless connectivity, security and protection, innovative power technologies, cloud & edge computing, and big data analysis. 

Over 30 years of continuous investment and experience in the industrial market has allowed ST to develop a portfolio of technologies, products and solutions that offer our customer tailored solutions for different applications. For demanding industrial applications there is no one-size-fits-all but ST has the ability to deliver solutions for all.