MEMS and sensors

In today’s Onlife era, with the increasing fusion of technology into our society and our daily lives, sensors are essential in improving our interactions with the world around us. However, in a world facing new environmental challenges, people have even greater expectations for adopted technologies. More than just making our lives better, our devices must be efficient and protect the planet, while remaining centered on humans.

ST is enabling the transition to a sustainable Onlife era with an extensive MEMS sensor portfolio based on more than 25 years of experience and innovation.

  • Smart means sensors are capable of directly processing the data they capture and delivering meaningful insights in the local device. By processing data locally, smart sensors reduce transmitted data and cloud processing requirements, thus lowering power consumption at the system level.
  • Open means sensors that can interface with other sensors. This offers third parties the possibility to benefit from ST’s on-sensor processing innovations, while building an ecosystem to jointly create value for customers.
  • Accurate means sensors can provide high-precision data that allows better quality decisions and makes user interactions smoother and more natural. These sensors also reduce factory calibration time and resources, which also reduces energy needs.


Our sustainable MEMS and sensors to match your needs

    ST MEMS and sensors cover a full spectrum of applications in the following markets:
  • personal electronics from smartphones and wearables to PCs, tablets, and AR/VR
  • industrial for vibration, temperature, pressure, sound, and acoustics analyses
  • automotive qualified according to AEC-Q100 standards for safety and non-safety applications
  • healthcare for rehabilitation devices, helmets, life signs monitors
Enhance user experience and make smartphones, PCs, tablets, and cameras easy and fun to use
Ensure reliable activity recognition and gesture detection in headsets, TWS, smart watches, and wristbands
Enhance user interfaces, detect the presence and reduce energy consumption
Provide superior safe driving experience for semi-autonomous driving, precise positioning, V2X, etc.
Deliver high performance, accuracy, and reliability, with extended temperature range and low power consumption.
Enable advanced medical applications with motion detection and body reconstruction or implantable devices

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