Innovation & Technology

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R&D. 9,500+ employees.

Innovation. 20,000 patents.

Partnerships. 195 active R&D programs.

We innovate to create unique technologies and products that provide our customers the best solutions to address their challenges and opportunities.

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Innovation is a collaborative task requiring the best of collective intelligence to succeed.
Alessandro Cremonesi - Chief Innovation Officer

Cryptography in the post-quantum era

Quantum computers have the potential to make public-key cryptographic algorithms vulnerable to attacks. Post-quantum cryptography is designed to thwart the quantum computing threat. ST is deeply involved in the standardization process and the development of post-quantum algorithms to ensure a seamless transition to the post quantum era, and protect our digital future.

Artificial intelligence at the edge

Edge AI is a paradigm shift for AI that brings many advantages over AI in the cloud. At ST, we invest in research, innovation, and development activities to create what our customers need to benefit from the power of edge AI by bringing it to microcontrollers, microprocessors, and smart sensors.

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems

MEMS are becoming increasingly pervasive today, transforming the way the digital and analog worlds interact. We are innovating to deliver the next generations of MEMS sensors and actuators with proprietary leading-edge process technologies, packaging and manufacturing capabilities.

Technology is driven by innovation

The technology developments we make are guided by long-term market trends. These enable or enhance applications for our customers by turning state-of-the- art chip fabrication technologies into cutting-edge commercial products.
We create a ‘funnel of innovation’ that allows us to develop the market-leading products and solutions that fuel our future growth. It enables us to continue pushing the boundaries of disruption in technologies and applications, in line with our strategic vision objectives.

Our Innovation Office plays a crucial role in enhancing our technology. It is tasked with creating more external and internal innovation opportunities and connecting emerging market trends with our internal technology expertise. This enables us to identify opportunities, be ahead of the competition and lead the way in new or existing technology domains.

innovation funnelinnovation funnel