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Radio Frequency Gallium-Nitride-on Silicon (RF GaN-on-Si) achieves key milestones

ST and MACOM have achieved key technology and performance milestones for RF GaN-on-Si. The technology brings high potential for 5G and 6G infrastructure, offering performance and cost benefits versus current RF Power Amplifier technologies.


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ST is a technology company driven by innovation. Our technology developments are guided by the long-term market trends enabling or enhancing applications for the end-user by turning state-of-the-art chip fabrication technologies into cutting-edge commercial products.
We create a funnel of innovation that allows us to develop the market-leading products and solutions that fuel our future growth. It enables us to continue pushing the boundaries of disruption in technologies and applications, in line with our strategic objectives.
Our innovation capability is enhanced by the ST Innovation Office tasked with creating more external and internal innovation opportunities and connecting emerging market trends with our internal technology expertise. This enable us to identify opportunities, be ahead of the competition and lead in new or existing technology domains.
"We created an Innovation Office in 2020 to sustain, stimulate, facilitate, and coordinate the process of continuous innovation within ST, in line with our strategic objectives. Innovation is a collaborative task requiring the best of collective intelligence to suceed. To enhance our ability to assimilate and generate innovation, we are improving the exploration and transformation phase of the innovation process, increasing both internal and external scouting and cooperation capabilities."
Alessandro Cremonesi
Chief Innovation Officer, Innovation Office

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