Expedite initialization of your overall system

Cube MX Hero Cube MX Hero

Great tool for starting from scratch.

The STM32CubeMX tool makes hardware and
peripheral configuration easy, plus Nucleo
boards for development are cost effective. They
also offer a great variety of part selection.

Background image STM32 Cube MX Desktop STM32 Cube MX Desktop


  • Embedded finder: MCUs/MPUs, boards, examples
  • Pinout, Peripherals & Middleware configuration
  • Clock configuration
  • Project generation for Keil, IAR & STM32CubeIDE
  • Power consumption estimation
  • Software package manager
  • Embedded tutorial videos and documentation
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Discover STM32CubeMX features

Finder, pinout/clock/peripheral/middleware configuration, project and code generation, power consumption calculation, software package manager. ​

Pinout configuration​

Graphical interface to ease pinout placement and configuration for your overall system.

MCU, MPU, boards, pinout

Pinout configuration​

Clock configuration​

Visualization of the complete clock tree, clock configuration, and automatic solver to complete resolution based on your needs.

Clock configuration, clock setting resolver​

Clock configuration​

Peripheral configuration

Configure graphically every peripheral to be initialized for your project and manage conflict versus hardware sharing.

Peripheral & middleware selection, configuration, pinout conflict solving

Peripheral configuration

Add software packs​

Manage additional software packs and their dependencies and add them to your project, then configure them just like other native peripherals or middleware.

Software package, CMSIS pack, components, dependency solving

Add software packs​

Configure and generate the project

Tune the configuration of your project and select your target IDE toolchain before finally generating the C code and including all libraries in your project.​

Project creation, code generation and initialization, IDEs

Configure and generate the project
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Getting started video

Tutorial videos

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  • Intit code
  • Code editing
  • Code debugging
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  • Binary programming
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  • Binary programming
  • Hardware options setting
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  • Monitoring
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