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Designed for high immunity against glitches on mains and high load supplies, silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCR), also known as thyristors, triacs and logic-level gate ACS ICs are switches working on 120, 240 and 480 V AC power lines for appliances, tools and drive systems.

The most energy efficient, simplest gate drive, Thyristors, are also the toughest 200 to 1400 V bidirectional switch for controlling alternating current mains power.

With a current range from 0.2 to 80 A, thyristors are used in home and office appliances,  as well as industrial automation. More concretely, AC switch circuits are included in compressor drives, water heater, power tools, static relays, roller shutters, motorbike regulators and more recently, circuit breakers and electrical vehicle chargers. 

Smart-building connected objects powered by AC mains is the latest innovation where thyristors are contributing to climate and energy controls.                  

To meet the wide variety of assembly automation requirements, ST's portfolio offers a full range of surface-mount SMD packages from the tiniest 0.8 A SMB Flat ACS to the power-carrier 80 A D3PAK SCRs. Our through-hole packages include the thermally excellent 2500 V ceramic-insulated TO-220 and the new full resin-molded TO-220 package.

Explore our large choice of packages for our SCRs, triacs and ACS switches.

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