Automotive logic ICs

Our automotive-grade logic ICs meet the requirements of extreme reliability and quality demanded by the market. Supporting temperature ranges that can go up to 125°C, our automotive logic devices offer:

  • AEC-Q100 and Q101 compliance
  • TS-16949 certification
  • PPAP availability
  • AEC-Q001 and Q002 guidelines for Statistical Yield Analysis (SYA) and Part Average Testing (PAT) at EWS
  • Specific screening and test methods above and beyond AEC-Q100 compliance, such as performance of a 100% hot test (125°C) during the back-end (packaging and testing) stage

Discover our range of logic ICs for Automotive applications

  • Buffers & Line drivers

    Discover our buffer and line driver portfolio, including quad and hexadecimal bus buffers.

  • Counters / Encoders / Decoders

    Browse our automotive-grade counters, encoders and decoders, qualified according to AEC-Q100.

  • Flip-flops & Registers

    Find out more about our flip-flops, latches and shift registers for Automotive applications, qualified according to AEC-Q100.

  • Gate ICs

    Find now automotive Gate ICs offering several functions such as AND, NAND and OR gates, hex inverters and Schmitt triggers.

Learn more about ST’s automotive high-performance analog portfolio