Personal electronics


Personal electronics covers a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets & eReaders, wearable devices, personal care and hygiene products, gaming devices, drones, audio-video equipment, and virtual & augmented reality devices. They have become part of our daily lives and we expect them to be reliable, and easy to use and capable of delivering the performance we need with a great user experience. Developers are innovating along different axes in the key technologies for each these categories to create the next generation of devices. Although the needs of these devices are diverse they also have a number of things in common. They need to deliver the best performance, whether it is audio-video capture and playback, activity tracking, personal grooming, immersive gaming or autonomous flight capability. They need to have optimized power consumption for maximum battery life. They need to have an enhanced user interface designed to optimize the user experience. And they need to have the right connectivity and the ability to protect the personal data of users captured or stored on the device.

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