Serial EEPROMs are byte-alterable, low pin-count, non-volatile memories suited for flexible parameter management, and small code storage where robust data retention, low power and space constraints are critical. ST's leading-edge product portfolio is constantly updated to fit the requirements of mobile, consumer, industrial, and medical segments participating in the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as automotive applications for Smart Driving solutions.

Serial Page EEPROMs are ultra-low power page-erasable, low pin-count memories extending ST memories family to higher densities. Our Serial Page EEPROM portfolio is designed to mix parameter, datalog and firmware management to ease integration in ultra-low power embedded systems.

NVRAMs are battery-backed SRAMs that range from 16 Kbits to 32 Mbits, housed in DIP packages, which include a battery, or surface-mount SOIC packages that allow for a SNAPHAT replaceable battery. Timekeeping and clock functions are also available.

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