Automotive microcontrollers

ST offers a wide portfolio of microcontrollers for automotive applications, including the 32-bit SPC5 family built on Power Architecture® technology, the 8-bit STM8A family as well as 16-bit ST10 legacy MCUs. STMicroelectronics has recently announced Stellar, our latest high performance 32-bit automotive microcontroller family based on the ARM R52 multi-core, with innovative embedded Phase Change Memory (ePCM) and built in our 28nm FD-SOI technology.

ST’s wide offer of single- and multi-core MCUs features a scalable solution, addressing from cost-sensitive to highly-advanced automotive applications thanks to hardware and software compatibility. The portfolio supports not only the latest automotive transformation areas such as electro-mobility, gateway and ADAS applications, but also brings innovation to existing applications, such as body, powertrain, chassis and safety.

ST automotive MCUs are automotive grade and will stay in production for at least ten or fifteen years starting from their date of introduction. These products take part in ST’s longevity commitment program, which assures, on selected parts, continuity and stability of supply for ST customers, especially those that design applications requiring long-term product availability.

32-bit ARM R52 MCUs with embedded PCM 32-bit Power Architecture MCUs 8-bit MCUs ST10 - 16-bit Legacy MCUs