High-density Power Drivers

Gate drivers, FETs and protection circuitry integrated into a single package to drive loads in industrial and home-appliance applications, with increased power density per cm².

ST’s high-density power drivers are System in Package (SiP) solutions integrating in compact QFN packages the STDRIVE gate drivers and MOSFET-based power stages, responding to the industrial market trend towards higher levels of integration and lower development costs.

ST’s high-density power drivers enable high power density with a smaller footprint for customers to save valuable board space and reduce the overall bill of material (BOM) cost. They also help reduce development time and eliminate EMI issues at the PCB level because the components are already integrated and tuned at the ST factory, enabling faster time to market.

System-in-Package Delivers Space Savings with Flexibility and Safety in High-Voltage Brushed DC Motor Applications

PWD5F60 integrates a 600V/3.5A single-phase MOSFET bridge with gate drivers, bootstrap diodes, protection features and two comparators in a 15mm x 7mm outline. The thermally efficient System-in-Package occupies 60% less board real-estate than discrete components, while boosting reliability and simplifying design and assembly

Complete full-bridge system-in-package includes MOSFETs, gate drivers, and protection features to save space, simplify design, and streamline assembly

The PWD13F60 System-in-Package (SiP) contains a complete 600V/8A single-phase, high-voltage, MOSFET full-bridge power driver in a 13 x 11 mm outline package, saving bill-of-materials costs and board space in industrial motor drives, lamp ballasts, power supplies, converters, and inverters.

--> BOM space and cost saving both during the design and system assembling
    - 600 V full-bridge system-in-package
    - Bootstrap diodes embedded inside gate drivers for reliable switching and low EMI

--> Suitable for a wide range of industrial applications
    - 8 A and 320 mΩ embedded n-channel power MOSFETs

--> Easy interfacing with microcontrollers, DSP units or Hall effect sensors
    - 3.3 and 15 V compatible inputs with hysteresis and pull-down resistors

--> Maximum protection
    - Integrated cross-conduction and under-voltage lock-out protections

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