STM32 MPU OpenSTDroid Distribution

Designed for STM32 microprocessors with an embedded single or dual Arm® Cortex®-A7 core,
STM32MPU Distribution for Android™ is a key element of the STM32 Embedded Software solution.

The STM32MPU Distribution for Android™ contains:

•Linux board support package (BSP) 

•Linux kernel

•Required drivers

•Secure bootchain based on Arm Trusted Firmware (TF-A) and Universal Boot Loader (U-Boot)

•Secure OS: Open Portable Trusted Execution Environment (OP-TEE)

•Android application frameworks running in Linux OS user space.

To optimize each project development phase, ST offers software packages that let developers choose the support that best meets their needs:

Starter package for Android™ for a quick and easy start with any STM32MP1 microprocessor

Developer package for Android™  to add your own code on top of STM32MP1 Embedded Software distribution

Distribution package for Android™  to create your own Android™ distribution, Starter and Developer packages

For more information, visit the STM32MP1 MPU wiki page


STM32MPU Whitepaper
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