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Tiny Neural Network Pipeline for Vocal Commands Recognition @Edge Ivana Guarneri, Alessandro Lauria, Giovanni Maria Farinella,Corrado Santoro HUCAPP View
A quantitative review of automated neural search and on-device learning for tiny devices Danilo Pau, Prem Kumar Ambrose Ital-AI View
Hybrid Quantization for Vocal Commands Recognition on Microcontroller Ivana Guarneri, Viviana D'Alto, Danilo Pau, Marco Lattuada TinyML Summit View
Tiny decomposition of complex neural networks for heterogeneous microcontrollers Biagio Montaruli, Andrea Santamaria, Danilo Pau TinyML Summit View
Complexity bounded classification of fisheye distorted objects with micro-controllers Danilo Pau TinyML Summit View
Deep open-set recognition for silicon wafer production monitoring Luca Frittoli, Diego Carrera, Giacomo Boracchi Pattern Recognition Journal View
Practical Artificial Intelligence for the IoT Danilo Pau IEEE Internet of Things View
Constrained neural networks for thermal vision Massimiliano Galanti, Danilo Pau , Matteo Matteucci tinyML EMEA View
Intelligent Resource Constrained Battery Management on Automotive D. Sammartino, Pau , Denaro, Zambrano GCCE View
Resource Constrained Neural Networks for 5G Direction-of-Arrival Estimation in Micro-controllers Piyush Sahoo, Romesh Rajoria , Shivam Chandhok, S. J. Darak, Danilo Pau , Hem-Dutt Dabral AIMLSystems View
Synthetic image dataset of shaft junctions inside wind turbines in presence or absence of oil leaks Pau, Lattuada , Turchetti, Falaschetti, Cardoni Data in Brief View
Multimodal AI-based security at the edge (MAISE) José Cano, Jeremy Singer , Sye Loong Keoh, Ferheen Ayaz , Danilo Pau PETRAS View
Change Detection in Multivariate Datastreams Controlling False Alarms Luca Frittoli, Diego Carrera, Beatrice Rossi, Pasqualina Fragneto, Giacomo Boracchi Polytechnic University of Milano, STMicroelectronics. View
Exploiting History Data for Nonstationary Multi-armed Bandit Gerlando Re, Fabio Chiusano, Francesco Trovò, Diego Carrera, Giacomo Boracchi, Marcello Restelli Proceedings of European Conference on Machine Learning (ECML) 2021 View
A grapevine leaves dataset for early detection and classification of Esca disease in vineyards through machine learning M. Alessandrini, R. C. Fuentes Rivera, L. Falaschettia, D. Pau, V Tomaselli, C Turchetti Data in Brief, Jan 2021 View
Change Detection in Multivariate Datastreams Controlling False Alarms Luca Frittoli, Diego Carrera, Giacomo Boracchi Proceedings of European Conference on Machine Learning (ECML) 2021 View
haracterization of Neural Networks Automatically Mapped on Automotive-grade Microcontrollers Danilo Pau, Davide Denaro, Luigi Zambrano, Giuseppe Di Giore (STM); Giulia Crocioni; Gian Battista Gruosso (Politecnico di Milano) First International Research Symposium on Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML 2021) View
Tiny visual classification of sodium chloride sterile bottles fill level on STM32 Danilo Pau, Luca Simonetta GTTI-MMSP Thematic Meeting 2021 on Multimedia Signal Processing View
Automating Tiny Neural Network Design with MCU Deployability in the Loop Danilo Pau 2021 DATE Conference View