20 Jan 2006 | Geneva

20 New Microprocessor Reset ICs Available Now from STMicroelectronics

ST’s innovative production flow reduces lead-times of lower current drop-in replacements for industry standard DS18xx series Geneva / 20 Jan 2006

The family consists of eight basic circuits: four devices for 5V applications, each with 4.62V and 4.37V (nominal) threshold options; and four 3V devices, each with three threshold options; 3.06V, 2.88V and 2.55V (nominal) – a total of twenty devices. The Reset circuits are supervisory devices widely used to monitor the microprocessor supply voltage, and to generate a Reset signal it falls below tolerance (LVD: Low Voltage Detect) and at start-up (POR: Power On Reset).

Output choices include active-high or active-low with push-pull structure, or active-low with open drain and built-in pull-up resistor. In addition, the STM1813 and STM1818 each include a Reset Monitor function, which allows them to be used with processors that have bi-directional Reset pins, such as the ST7 family. The same feature can also be used to implement push-button reset with no need for debounce circuitry.

ST’s unique manufacturing flow shortens lead times by storing processed wafers in a wafer bank, without being fully configured. Their final attributes are programmed by laser just prior to assembly, with some options being determined during the assembly process. So the lead time consists only of the time required to program, assemble, test and ship the devices, thus dramatically improving the customer’s deliveries.

A further benefit for the user is the low power consumption of the STM18xx series, typically less than half the current required in competitive, pin-compatible devices. Target applications for the series include any system with a microprocessor or microcontroller, including computers, servers, printers, fax machines, cellular and GSM phones, and a broad range of consumer products.

The STM18xx series parts are supplied in lead-free, SOT23-3L packages on reels of 2500 pieces, and are rated for use over the industrial temperature range (–40°C to +85°C). They are 100% pin-compatible drop-ins to parts commonly available throughout the industry.

Production quantities of all the devices are available now. Pricing starts at $0.23 in high volume.

Further information on ST’s Reset and Supervisor products is available at www.st.com/reset

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