03 Feb 2006 | Geneva

Advanced PFC Controller from STMicroelectronics Integrates Multiple Features for High-End AC-DC Adapters

State-of-the-art current-mode Power Factor Corrector control chip adds brownout and feedback disconnection protection, plus power management capability Geneva / 03 Feb 2006

The L6563 current-mode PFC controller operates in Transition Mode (TM) and provides a highly cost-effective solution for applications in the region of 100W to 300W; power in excess of 400W can easily be managed by implementing ST’s patented Fixed-Off-Time (FOT) architecture, which increases power capability while maintaining the simplicity and affordability of Transition Mode operation.

New safety features include Brownout and Feedback Disconnection Protection. The former is a non-latched device shutdown function that can be activated when mains undervoltage is detected. The latter prevents uncontrolled output voltage rise, in case of failure of the voltage regulation control loop.

In addition, the IC provides input voltage feed-forward, tracking-boost operation, inductor saturation detection and leading edge blanking, as well as a direct interface to the cascaded DC-DC converter’s PWM controller.

Voltage feed-forward can be used to compensate for gain variation with the input voltage, improving the stability of the loop and the transient response to sudden mains voltage changes. Optionally, the chip can be programmed to work with the tracking-boost approach, where the output voltage follows variations in the mains supply voltage. Inductor saturation detection protects against a potentially fatal condition in which its current can reach an abnormally high level.

The PWM controller interface is used to stop the operation of the converter in case of anomalous conditions in the PFC stage, and to turn off the PFC when the converter’s load falls below a given threshold, enabling compliance with energy saving recommendations such as Blue Angel, Energy Star, Energy2000 and EU Code of Conduct. The L6563 is ideal for use with ST’s new L6668 PWM and L6599 Resonant Controllers, and matches its low power consumption with a start-up current before turn-on of 90µA, and 5mA operating current.

The L6563 current-mode PFC controller is available now in an SO14 package. US pricing is $0.28 in quantities of 1000, or 2500 for tape-and-reel.

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Further information is also available at www.st.com/powermanagement

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