27 Apr 2006 | Geneva

STMicroelectronics Introduces 20A and 30A Power MOSFETs in High Thermal Efficiency Compact Package

First devices to use SO8-size PolarPAK® package enable increased power density and improved reliability for high current DC-DC converters Geneva / 27 Apr 2006

ST announced a license agreement with Siliconix in March 2005 to use the PolarPAK® technology. The new package’s leadframe and plastic encapsulation are similar to those used for most standard power MOSFET packages, ensuring good die protection and easy handling in manufacturing. Yet compared to the standard SO-8, the PolarPAK dissipates heat so efficiently that it can handle twice the current within the same footprint.

The new devices are manufactured using the latest optimization of ST’s proprietary STripFET™ technology – which is based on significantly increased cell density and smaller cell features – to achieve very low ON-resistance and losses while using less silicon area. Typical RDS(on) of the 20A STK800 is 6.0mOhm, and of the 30A STK850 is 2.9mOhm, at 10V. The package contributes to the low ON-resistance of both MOSFETs by providing ultra low junction-to-case thermal resistance and lower junction temperatures.

With its low capacitance and total gate charge, the STK800 is the ideal choice as a control FET in non-isolated DC-DC step down converters, while exceptionally low RDS(on) makes the STK850 an excellent solution as a synchronous FET. Their low operating temperatures contribute to higher efficiency and an increase in lifetime reliability. The new package provides improved die protection, and easy handling in manufacture, maintaining compatibility with existing SMD assembly equipment. Multiple sourcing of the new devices ensures flexibility for customers.

Samples of the new devices are available now. The STK800 is priced at $1.20 and the STK850 at $1.60, for quantities of 1000.

Further information is available at www.st.com/powermos

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