21 Mar 2017 | Geneva

STMicroelectronics Teams with Wurth Elektronik to Enhance Its Online Design Environment for Power-Supply Applications

  • ST’s eDesignSuite adds features of Wurth Elektronik Smart Transformer Selector, facilitating new product designs with ST chips
  • Solves common challenge historically overcome by ordering custom parts, saving bill-of-materials costs and turnaround time
Geneva / 21 Mar 2017

STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, is extending the focus of its eDesignSuite online design environment with the addition of complementing components from Wurth Elektronik, a major transformer[1] manufacturer, to help customers complete their new projects more quickly and cost-effectively.

More and more electronic product design is done online using manufacturer-published tools that are often free to use and provide templates to jump-start circuit design, product selectors, simulators to help evaluate performance, and access to technical support and component purchasing. ST’s eDesignSuite can help accelerate design of many circuits and systems including Switched-Mode Power Supplies (SMPS), LED lighting, filters, motor drives, and others.

ST has now linked its eDesignSuite with the web-based Smart Transformer Selector published by Wurth Elektronik, enabling power-supply designers to automate selection of a suitable off-the-shelf transformer while still working in the eDesignSuite environment. Other online design tools generate the transformer specification, and leave the designer to figure out the best way to satisfy it: often by ordering a custom component – which can add cost and turnaround time to the project -- rather than searching manually through complex transformer specification sheets.

“ST has a strong commitment to continuously improve the tools available to its customers to make their system design easier and faster. Our initiative with Wurth Elektronik now solves the final part of the power-design process, enabling engineers to get a prototype up and running on the bench in a couple of days, instead of waiting several days or weeks to procure a custom transformer,” said Alessandro Cremonesi, Group Vice President, General Manager, Central Labs, STMicroelectronics. “This new feature introduced in eDesignSuite is setting the pace for online tools, by allowing users to co-design efficiently and cost-effectively the full bill of materials of the final product.”

Dean Huumala, Product Marketing & Development Manager for Wurth Elektronik added, “Smart Transformer Selector (STS) helps designers search our portfolio to find the right transformer quickly and efficiently. Bringing STS together with ST’s eDesignSuite now enables our mutual customers to complete their bill of materials with transformers that have already been designed, tested, released to production, and stocked both at us and our catalog distribution partners.”

eDesignSuite can be accessed free of charge by visiting www.st.com/eDesignSuite and clicking “Start Design”.

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[1] Transformer: the major non-semiconductor component in power supplies and converters, essential for AC-voltage conversion and/or safety isolation.